Things in your CV that Helps Recruiters Notice you

Here in this article, We have listed few things that helps recruiters notice specially you among the other candidates. A well-structured and nicely designed resume could play a a vital role in securing your next career opportunity.

A resume written with great thought, planning and logical sense comes more in notice to the job recruiters India. John Poulose (an alumnus of Harvard Business School and managing director of Eclatmax Training and Consulting, a career and human resources consultancy.) says that the language, the visual appeal, brevity and the search engine optimisation friendly features gets notices fast.
In a chat with Moneycontrol, Poulose lists six points to help job-seekers in building a quality resume that can act as their goodwill ambassador and create the desired impression.

1) Brevity : basically, A Resume requires needs be a brief document which provides a snapshot of your profile. Your Resume Should not be more than two pages. A Curriculum Vitae (CV), could be created for a detailed insight into your accomplishments.

2. Visual Appeal : A good Resume is attractive to any eye if it has a right structure, grammar and perfect sequence. Infographics can be a part of it, provided it provides an illustrative understanding of your achievements. It is always a delight for a recruiter, hiring manager or an interviewer to read through an aesthetically designed Resume. Reading an amazing and professionally designed resume always attracts a recruiter/ hiring manager or an interviewer.

3. ATS Compatibility : These days, using algorithms in platforms such as job sites and career pages of organisations can also decide the career of a candidate’s Resume vis-a-vis the job description.

There is a mechanism called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which combines various elements of the hiring process, artificial intelligence and machine learning. You could consider opting for a customised Resume Development solution, through an expert.You can take also take help from experts for your Resume.

In addition to customisation and creative design, experts can also make your Resume tech-friendly. Experts have access to tools which can make your Resume – ATS compatible. The best alternative is to entrust your Resume to the expert who can do this and ensure that algorithms do not play spoilsport in your quest for the next best opportunity.

4. Quantitative Metrics : A lot of Focus is placed on qualitative text, appealing design and eye-catching infographics, as key elements within an outstanding Resume. with these constituents, a good Resume also requires a analytic dimension – quantitive data or numbers. If you are not restricted by confidentiality norms of your current or previous employer, you can include as much as numerical data as possible within your Resume, it does nothing but an value of enhancement in your Resume.

This data could be revenue generated for a sales professional, turnaround time for completion of a project for an operations professional or cost optimisation for an administration executive. Measurability can add further impact to your Resume.

5. Simplicity: The usage of unnecessary or Difficult language in resume should be avoided. There is a possible case that anyone doesn’t understand abbreviation meanings.So. Keeping a simple and sophisticated language in your resume is feasible as well as accessible to everybody.

6. Value-addition: You should bring light to all your skills and experiences to your employer in a clear language and early in your resume.

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