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How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

Virtual Interviews like Phone interviews and Video interviews came in importance during the COVID-19 pandemic time, because the government issued strict guidelines of no physical interactions due to the spread of the deadly virus. Due to this social distancing most of the companies as well as people shifted to online interaction environment, which made the virtual interviews more popular. Here

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Flexible work options for good work-life balance

Having a life of your own and enjoying it on your own terms is very important for every individual. Working women have a life beyond their family and kids, which gives them a sense of self-accomplishment and fulfillment. Women on the go have to carefully balance work demands versus home demands. Flexible work options make this balancing act fast, which

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5 Tips Teachers Can Follow to Improve their Teaching Style

Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and intervening so that they learn particular things, and go beyond the given. As a dedicated teacher, you love to teach. But do your students love to learn the way you teach? One of the primary responsibilities in teaching jobs is to cater to the learning styles and

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Career Paths for Software Engineers

What is Software Engineering? Software engineering is the application of principles used in the field of engineering, which usually deals with physical systems, to the design, development, testing, deployment and management of software systems. Software engineers design and create computer systems and applications to solve real-world problems. Software engineers, sometimes called software developers, create software for computers and applications. Software

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How To Improve Speaking Skills In English

Nowadays, more and more people are dedicating time to studying English as a second language. Many countries include English in their school syllabus and children are starting to learn English at a younger and younger age. It’s easy to see just how important English is around the world. Many international businesses conduct meetings in English, universities teach courses in English

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